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Zen Betty Yoga was created as a way to provide the resources and tools to the community that I didn’t have growing up.  Life is tough and it is even tougher to when you don’t know how to handle emotions, feelings, and everyday life.  I believe it is so important to take care of yourself physically and mentally in whatever way makes YOU happy.  Zen Betty is not just a yoga studio but a safe, comfortable, fun, all inclusive, non-judgmental space for anyone and everyone to come and learn about themselves, their bodies, and how to love yourself as you are in any present moment.  We are all amazing humans made to perfection, let’s come together and celebrate ourselves and others for being who you are and owning it!

XOXO, Elizabeth 


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Zen Betty Yoga

8700 Crispin Street Philadelphia, PA 19136

Tel: 215.292.3570

Email: Zenbettyyoga@gmail.com

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